On Blogging

I found out after having a lot of late assignments for this class, that having to create blog after blog can be quite tedious, boring and tiresome, but after a while had passed and giving it some thought, I actually kind of enjoyed having to push blog after blog. It felt like I was creating a footprint of what I was learning and I could revisit it any time or share it with someone and tell them “HEY! I LEARNED THIS! YOU CAN TOO!”.

Of course right now most of my blogs are assignment related, but I actually kind of want to blog about other things, I just prefer to play videogames or something. However, if I ever get tired of playing League of Legends or sharing Facebook memes, I for sure will start blogging about anything I like! Sounds like a super fun idea, I am leaving my digital fingerprint on the Internet. I may die, but my blog posts will probably be stored in the internet forever, occupying space in WordPress’ servers without me ever paying a cent, FeelsGoodMan.

I really encourage anyone who doubts about bloggin to just give it a try, it is a really nice way to express yourself and I this is probably the blog I have enjoyed writing the most, because I finally am expressing what I think about blogging itself. Don’t be ashamed of posting something, just post it!


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